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Sign up for BMSC's Private Courses!
Flexible tutoring sessions offer personalized medical Spanish instruction tailored to your needs and proficiency level.

The Boston Medical Spanish Center is happy to help you connect with excellent Spanish teachers in the Boston area at no additional cost to you or the instructors!

Private Courses offer:    
  • Private, immersive one-on-one sessions
  • Flexible schedules for busy professionals 
  • Personalized program to fit different professional needs
Each session will:
  • Provide patient-provider role-playing scenarios, drills, and other activities
  • Introduce and practice student-specific healthcare terminology  
  • Target relevant grammar and communicative structures
Logistics: Scheduling and location are flexible
Pricing: $35-$60 per hour depending on level, goals, and scheduling. In order to connect you with the appropriate instructor and get a specific quote please email us at or fill out the accompanying form.
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