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Partner with the Boston Medical Spanish Center

Work with the Boston Medical Spanish Center to strengthen relationships with your Spanish-speaking patients. Contact us to discuss starting a program with your organization by emailing us at

Community Partners

We would like to thank the following organizations for their contributions to the Boston Medical Spanish Center:


Massachusetts General Hospital Primary Care

The Boston Medical Spanish Center provides customized courses for the residents of the Primary Care Department at MGH.  The programs are designed to bring effective classes at multiple proficiency levels to medical professionals with exceedingly demanding schedules.  

Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professionals

MGHIHP is collaborating with the Boston Medical Spanish Center to bring a range of medical Spanish courses to their students, preparing enrollees for real-world work environments. We are working together to allow healthcare professionals to be capable of providing equitable healthcare to all people in the Boston community and around the world.  


Harvard Medical/Dental School Student Council

The HMS/HSDM Student Council has contributed significantly to the development of our Spanish classes, helping give many future healthcare providers access to quality Spanish training. With the help of the Council, AWLCI is able to organize and execute a training program that will allow medical providers to build strong relationships with their patients.  


American College of Nurse-Midwives

The ACNM and AWLCI have teamed up to develop and provide a Spanish training course for local nurse-midwives. Collaboration helps nurse-midwives of the ACNM to expand their helping hands to women’s health and pregnancy in Spanish-speaking communities.


Wuqu Kawoq | Maya Health Alliance

The Maya Health Alliance and AWLCI bring educational cultural events to the community. In the past, we have designed these events to be discussion-based informative activities geared toward the students of our medical Spanish classes.

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