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Below are the BMSC's program policies regarding course registration, enrollment, waitlists, transfers, and more.

For questions, contact

Course Registration Policies Table.png

Additional Information

  • The timeline for all refunds and transfers are based on the cycle of classes for which you originally registered. 

  • If you need to transfer your registration or enrollment, you may do so a maximum of two times, and the new cycle must begin no later than 6 months after the start date of the cycle for which you originally registered. 

  • You must contact us to make the transfer before the third class of the original cycle.

  • In rare cases, we might need to cancel a course or significantly change the schedule (e.g., teacher emergency). In these situations, we may offer exceptions to the policies above, such as refunds or enrollment transfers. These exceptions wouldn't apply to registered students who haven't completed enrollment.

  • Any written exceptions communicated by BMSC will be honored as long as there are no unreasonable delays on your part.

  • **Students that were not previously eligible for a full refund would still not be eligible (eg. your class was available when you were placed into it, but filled up before you submitted your tuition payment)

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