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Medical Spanish Courses: Partnership Information
Partners of the Boston Medical Spanish Center have access to multiple levels of medical Spanish classes offered virtually throughout the year.
The goal of these 5-week courses is to enable providers to connect with patients at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Our classes are conversation and vocabulary driven, targeting medical terminology as well as vital communication structures. We provide our students with over 400 essential terms per course as well as extensive conversational practice at all levels through interactive activities.

About the Boston Medical Spanish Center


Since 2011, the Boston Medical Spanish Center exists has brought medical Spanish classes and programming to dentists, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, administrators, medical students, and other healthcare professionals.  From beginners to advanced speakers, individuals and teams can improve their ability to communicate meaningfully with patients in Spanish.  


We partner with medical schools and health centers in an effort to have the most significant impact among the Spanish-speaking communities in Boston and throughout the United States.

Why We Do It

Bridging the communication gap which exists between many providers and this large segment of the U.S. population will improve health outcomes among countless underserved communities.


Empowering clinicians and healthcare administrators to communicate in the second most widely spoken language in the United States develops stronger relationships with patients, reduces miscommunication, and improves cultural understanding.  


You can promote access to equitable healthcare for Boston's Spanish-speaking residents.

View course descriptions, program logistics, and what partnership entails.

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**Please note: we always encourage the use of professional medical interpreters during patient interactions.**
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